The 15th Rwanda Catholic National youth forum : WELCOME REMARKS


Dear young people,

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!!

I am pleased to welcome all you in our Rwamagana Parish of Kibungo Diocese, feel at home under the fresh breezes of Eastern part of Rwanda. We are happy to receive you from all the dioceses of Rwanda, especially those who traveled long distances. We, joyfully, welcome those who came from neighboring counties as well!

Since 2005, in his effort to promote the youth ministry, the Catholic Episcopal Conference of Rwanda established the Catholic Youth Day. We are grateful to God for granting us to meet in this 15th Forum in Kibungo Diocese that hosted it last in 2004.

The Pope Francis in his encounter with Youth; invited them to the three year journey of meditating and internalizing the Words of the Gospel accoding to Mathiew (Mt 5:3-8). The last two years we meditated on the beatitudes: ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of God’(Mt5:3) and ‘Blessed are the clean of heart, for they will see God.’(Mt 5:8). This year, we meditated the beatitude: ‘ Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.’(Mt 5:7)

This form comes just three days; after we concluded the year of extra-ordinary jubilee of Mercy; we started on 08/12/2015 and ended on 20/11/2016. This forum gathers at the beginning of the 100 year jubilee of the priesthood in Rwanda. These two jubilee are the clear sign of the God’s mercy on his people in general and on Rwandans in particular.

Dear young people, it is Jesus Christ himself who invited us to this forum where He tells us: ‘Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.’ He asks to be merciful in acts. Blessed are those who forgive and sympathize with the misfortuned and the sorrowful; and assist them.

In this forum, we have come to listen to Jesus Christ who accorded us this time to talk to us. We shall have time of prayer, to follow the talks and presentations as well as sharing different ideas.

I, therefore, ask you to usefully profit these few days we have to listen to Jesus who invited us here, so that we do not go back home empty-handed. « These days, Jesus wanted to enter in our homes, to share our worries as young people, our fears and our preoccupations like Martha who got busy with many things forgetting the most essential. He expects us to give him the listening ear like Mary.»

We are gathered here to celebrate and thank God for the fruits of the year of mercy we jsut concluded. The fruits of the year of mercy are there and abundant. It is an opportunity to show and share them with others.

Dear young people,

The Word of God invites us to be firm in the hope of living, because the Merciful God gives us life. He who believes and walks with Jesus, He relieves him of his burdens and worries.

He who understands, welcomes and feels the mercy of God can also show mercy to his brethren. Though the world seems ruthless and merciless, this christian value of mercy should not lack among human beings, especially the youth.

I, therefore officially, declare this 15th National Youth Forum, open.

May Saint John Bosco and Saint Charles Lwanga the Patrons of youth pray for us.

His Lordship Antoine KAMBANDA

The Bishop of Kibungo Diocese.

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